Monday, November 25, 2013

Steps to Follow to Ensure you are Ready for Professional Workouts

Joining a fitness program is your first step towards a healthier and more fulfilling life. Physical exercise plays a vital part in keeping you fit and protecting your body from different kinds of chronic and lifestyle diseases. Regular exercise also improves your overall balance and sense of coordination thereby minimizing your risks of injury due to a fall. You can easily set up a gym at home, join a local fitness training program and check out the nearest boot camps in your neighbourhood. 
How to Prepare for your Workout Sessions 
However, you should not really start exercising all of a sudden one find day. A little bit of preparation is required if you want to make the most of your exercise sessions. 
Assess your Current Fitness 
Start by assessing your current fitness level. This will give you a benchmark against which you can measure your improvement on a regular basis. Remember to evaluate every aspect of your physique such as flexibility, body composition and muscular and aerobic fitness. One of the best ways of assessing your fitness is to walk at normal pace for one kilometre and recording your pulse rate both prior to and after you finish your walk. You should also note the time taken by you to walk the distance. 
Your fitness level is also indicated by your BMI (Body Mass Index) which is the ratio of your height to your weight. Otherwise, boot camps have trained instructors who will definitely measure your current fitness level before you start exercising. 
There's no excuse for not keeping healthy
Design your Workout Plan 
You must have a clear-cut fitness goal and a clear understanding of why you want to achieve it. Some people exercise in order to lose weight, some want to build their body, some want to train for a sports event while others workout just to stay in shape. Being certain about your goals helps you to select the right kind of exercises that are most effective for your particular requirement. 
To gain the most from your workouts, you must exercise for at least three days a week. This should include either seventy five minutes of rigorous activity or two and a half hours of moderate workouts. You should also include some sort of strength training in order to improve your stamina and endurance. And if all this confuses you, it’s best to join boot camps for a few weeks and learn how to exercise effectively and safely. 
Gather the Paraphernalia 
Even if you plan to exercise at home, you will still need the right kind of clothes and shoes. Along with that, the right kind of apparatus is equally important. Select the workouts that you enjoy and can do comfortably without much support or guidance. Invest in equipments accordingly. Enrol at a boot camp if you prefer free-hand workouts and love exercising outdoors. 
Start your Routine 
If you are new to exercising, always begin with low-intensity simple workouts. Exercise only as long as you are comfortable. Increase the duration and intensity of your workouts gradually. Of course boot camps have trained instructors who will help you to improve your fitness level step by step. But if you intend to work out on your own, always remember to listen to your body. Discontinue the moment you feel any discomfort or change your workouts to include something simpler.